21 Ways to Guarantee a Great Solar Solution for Your Home
If I could help just one homeowner from avoiding a terrible experience this booklet would have served its purpose.
My booklet, 21 Ways to Guarantee a Great Solar Solution for Your Home was
inspired by my past clients that I have served over the last 30 years. Providing
quality Solar Solutions and an exceptional Solar experience has been a passion of mine. I wanted to bring my 30 years of Home Improvement experience to the residential consumer. 

This book protects you during the entire process, from the company you choose to the contract you sign!
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Table of Contents:
1. Start with a Credible Resource
2. What to Avoid right off the Bat
3. Allocate at least 60 minutes for an Evaluation
4. Get Familiar with Solar Vocabulary
5. Key Requirements for Solar to Work
6. Permit Requirements
7. Roofing and Electrical Concerns
8. Understand your Utility Bill
9. Obtain the last 12 months Utility Kwh and Cost
10. Know Your True Cost of Power
11. Solar Solution Options
12. What Solar Solution is best for your home
13. Types of Solar Equipment, Warrantees and Guarantees
14. Your Layout / Where your panels will be located
15. What will your Solar System produce for your home
16. Solar Loans
17. Your Solar Cash, Loan or Lease Contract
18. The Documents you will need to get started
19. What to expect once you have decided to go Solar
20. Monitor Your System
21. Your Trusted Expert and Free Evaluation
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